The best travel bottle there is!

Date: January 2012

Location: Vienna, Austria

I was heading back to Amsterdam after a magical time in Vienna. I had waltzed in the Hofburg, listened to the Vienna Boys Choir and watched horses dance. I was on cloud 9 and it was time to go home. I had checked in and headed to the boarding gate for one final security check. Typical, they wanted to see the liquids I had. The lady guard looked at the three tubes I had and the hair serum I usually bring with me

Her: How much can this container carry?

Me: Under 100 ml

Her: It doesn’t say how much this container can carry. I need to throw this away.

Me: … (wtf)? Its under 100 ml!

Her: But you see, your hair serum is smaller and its already 60 ml, so this bottle has to be more then 100 ml

Before I could say anything, she threw them away. I didn’t have time to explain to her how the hair serum tube was fatter but shorter, and my other toiletries tubes were thinner, but taller, hence if you did a volume calculation you would see that it could EASILY be EXACTLY the same as the hair serum. (Yeaps, even as I type this I am aware that chances are she would have thrown away the bottles before I could finish explaining it to her).

I was devastated. I had been travelling with the exact same tubes for the past five years through countless airports. Even through the strict airports of Atlanta! They had no problems with my bottles. They were PERFECT travel bottles. Easily holding enough for 2 weeks, was pretty leakproof, and was easy to deal with – refill and compression. It didn’t automatically open up when pressed and it was slim enough to slip easily into my toiletries bag.

And so began the hunt for the next best bottle. I tried a number. First the cheap ones in pharmacies that clearly stated 100ml on it. But they were plastic bottles that dented and eventually started tearing due to frequent pressing. Then I decided maybe I need to trust the travel/ business people and got the Samsonite travel bottles. But they were leaking and weren’t really designed for easy use. It was either screw tops! or spray tops! and tend to leak in my toiletries bag.

Finally after walking past this store a number of times. I took the plunge and bought the GoToob. It didn’t come cheap, but I figured it looked pretty good. Then I tested it by bringing it with me to my island getaway.



(The GoToob!)

1) Its non-slip: Essential for the bathroom!


(Leak proof! Notice that with just a slight squeeze, the small inner tube thingy pops up, but without expelling the liquids!)

2) Its leak-proof! If you accidentally squeeze the bottle a little, it still doesn’t leak your liquids. You actually have to truly press on it to get the liquid out.


(This one says Cond. I colored it with a marker pen to make the labels more obvious)

3) It comes with its own labels! I used to write with a marker – ‘S’ for Syampoo, ‘C’ Conditioner, etc. With the GoToob you just need to move the label around to the right one! You just have to unsnap the outer ring and turn the opening around until you find the right label for your tube.

4) Easy to clean. It has an easy open with a large mouth, making it easy to clean and to re-fill your liquids.


(Comes with its own built in suction cap)

So even though it does cost a little bit more, I can guarantee its completely worth it. If you get the middle sized one it comes with a built in suction cap as well.

Oh, and (5) did I mention it clearly states the amount of liquid that can be carried? =)

Note: I personally purchased all my GoToob’s with my own money. Opinions here were not paid (I wish!) to me by anyone