Postcards Posting


(Writing to friends from Hong Kong)

I’ve always loved writing. I was the fortunate child of an era where having pen pals were a norm and where I solidified my mastery of the English language through writing simple “How are you’s” to friends in different countries, friends I have never met. I would look forward for days on end for the postman to bring me something, and would always get so excited when my mom finally brought me letters.

Writing, handwritten writing seems to me to be a lost art form. Over the years as I have travelled, I have tried sending postcards to the few friends I knew would love and appreciate hearing from me. Ive sent postcards to a whole range of friends, but the five that was pretty constant were Dan, an old friend from college who had also inspired me to travel greatly (he had a rule of one new country a year – minimum), Sharon, my best friend from college, Peggy, my fellow travel buddy, Nancy, one of my best friends in SEA, and Mrs. C and R, my married friends… I don’t know if some of it backfired though, as in, if some people secretly hated my guts for travelling so much? =)


(The lucky postcards I received)

Anyways, as part of the New Year, I am putting up an offer. If you are interested in getting a real live handwritten postcard from everywhere I am travelling this year (I can almost guarantee a trip a month, almost), then drop me an e-mail at with your name and address, and maybe a little of your interest (i.e. arts, architecture, style, culture) and I will send you a postcard from wherever I may be, sharing the moment with you (albeit a few days/ weeks late)

After all, who really outgrows the excitement of receiving something in the mail? =)