December 20


End of the world as we know it… ok, well sort of…

At one point a year, every year, we pretend the world is going to end, and then we wake up on the 1st of January renewed! rejuvenated! and we ask ourselves, “what will I do differently this year?” “where is my bucket list?” “what is my resolution?” Thing is, its too much pressure overall, and too structured. You see the 1st of January every year or the 22nd of December 2012 as the point when your life ‘renews’. A milestone that is supposed to come and kick you in the balls (or bum, I mean its up to you really) and somehow this amazing grand date is going to change your life.

You do know that the only person that can jumpstart your life is you right?

I’ve had New Years resolutions a plenty. Exercise more, travel more, be healthier, be more frugal, try not to cry at work anymore. And at the end of the day, I realized, my New Years resolutions never started at New Years, hell, my ‘years’ weren’t even really ‘Years’. They were themes of my life, or different timing in my life, and they could have gone for 12 months, or 10 months or 6, I never really took count. I changed it up whenever I felt it was time to change it up, and so have gone through

The Year of Change – It was at this point that I had enough with my old job and the personal work life lifestyle that came with it. It took me two years to finally have the guts to admit I couldn’t do it to myself anymore. I chopped off my hair (yes, women tend to be overdramatic like that), changed jobs, and moved countries <— insert cliches about moving to a new country to ‘find yourself’

_DSC6877Energizer Night Run 2011 033

(L-R: My hair is naturally straight, and I typically keep it long – Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Went for the big chop at the end of my Year(s) of Change)

The Wandering Year – I was living in a different country and decided to use the opportunity to travel to my hearts content, unlimited in how much I had to dip into my savings to do it… (ok that wasn’t the smartest thing I did, but I was in Europe and designers are cheaper there!) and was blessed by all the amazing things, and all the amazing friends I made along the journey


(I moved to Amsterdam, and had amazing moments, like celebrating Queen’s day!)

Year of Love – It isn’t so much that this was the mark of big changes in my personal life, and of having a wonderful supportive man with me. It goes beyond that. It’s about remembering to fall in love, all over again. To find beauty in the things you have seen before, and to appreciate the new. It’s about cherishing time with your family and friends, and opening your heart and mind to different places and different cultures. It’s about falling in love with everything, but most importantly to constantly remember to love yourself.


(Life’s too short to not do the things you love… like taking up ballet again)

Paris 16 013

(More importantly, do it with the people you love)

So Happy New Year y’all, but remember the New Year really starts whenever you want it to.