I started this blog as a marriage of my two great loves – fashion and travel. I’ve always focused on the latter as I am a constantly moving nomad (really?).

I hail from the tropics, was introduced to the winter cold through my years in the Windy City, and have lived in the fashionably chic enclaves of Paris and Amsterdam. In a previous life I worked as a consultant and have been sent to live in the colourful cities of India, the party scenes of Hong Kong and the culturally diverse nations in Southeast Asia.

As for fashion, what can I say except I am a big lover of it. My working life requires me to don the whole gamut of corporate arsenal; sheath dresses, power suits, cardigans and separates galore. My shoe closets (yes, plural) separated by function – closed toe pumps, chunky high heels and wedges for walking.


Over the years it was important that the two blend together. I spent my weekdays in strange cities working in an office, and the weekends or nights travelling around. I couldn’t afford to let my dual lives result in dual wardrobes (no seriously I do mean afford) Think about the excess baggage!

I have mastered the art of what I consider light and chic packing (though my boyfriend may not really agree with me on the light part). Travelling and the journey itself would take your breath away and help re-create who you are as a person. There really is no-need to prompt that new personality by hording up on saris before you head to India, or those ridiculous balloon/harem/ travel pants only to arrive in a country and realize “oh my god! They dress just like us! In jeans! And cotton dresses!” Noticing only then you were already sticking out with your blonde hair and alabaster skin, but now you look like a homeless juggler to boot!

Hope you enjoy!