September 18

Moving on to

Dear readers, In case you have not been added to my subscriber list, I wish to notify you that I have moved! to Some of you who may have been with me for a while would notice that this domain has since returned to as I have moved on to self-hosting. You will […]

What to wear – Layering 101

What to wear – Layering 101 by glamouroustraveller featuring J Brand

September 23

Weekly Travel Outfit – Segovia, Spain

  In 2008, my travelling buddy Peggs and I ventured over to Spain for two weeks. I’m a pretty laid back, semi-planner and really only needed to see Madrid and Barcelona. My friend Peggs is an avid planner and tends to find small little obscure places that are great for a visit (and not as […]

September 18

Weekly Travel Outfit – Venice Beach and Santa Monica Blvd, California

What a throwback. This was circa 2003 back when I was living in Chicago (and god knows how many kg’s lighter). Flew over to visit some friends in LA and they took me out to see Venice Beach and Santa Monica Blvd. Great memories Top: Clearly from Hooters, Chicago. I kind of regret throwing this […]

September 16

What to wear – African Safari

My friend Peggy from Taking to the Open Road dropped me this link a while back. It talks about how sometimes your holiday may require its own outfit. Now I don’t disagree with that (especially so if you had just happened to buy yourself an amazing massive ballgown), but what I found interesting was her commentary […]

September 14

Road tripping the French Riviera

It was going to be my first time there. I don’t know why, but I was so excited. When you think about it though, there were so many other places, which could have more impact on me. Places with ‘real’ highlights, historical churches, coliseums, museums with incredible art for me to wonder hours on end. […]

September 11

Weekly Travel Outfit – Siam Reap, Cambodia

I’ve included before, what I wore to check out the great Angkor Watt in Cambodia. As a continuation of the trip, I spent the next day exploring the Angkor Thom complex with its amazing Bayon Temple. There are about 200 Buddha faces engraved into the temple itself. Some facing in all four directions making for […]

September 09

Interview with Yvonne of Under the Yew Tree

This week we welcome Yvonne from Under the Yew Tree! Yvonne had been living and travelling around South America and also spent her time uncovering local artisans. Want to know more about her? Read on! Buenos Dias! I’m Yvonne and I am a part time Graduate student and a full time travel writer and blogger. […]

September 07

The three types of Jobs you may encounter in your life

Some people wonder how it is that I travel as much as I do. Isn’t it expensive to do? Isn’t it difficult to take time off? Is it that my job itself involves a lot of travel? So I thought I would share my views on the different types of jobs I’ve had over the […]

September 04

Staying clean while travelling

There are many ways to travel stylishly, and there are of course many different styles of travel as well.  But one rule will always stay true to travelling stylishly – wearing clean clothes. Packing for a trip can be hard, and especially so if you have underpacked by accident essentials like underwear. I do not […]